HORIZON SCANNING: World Economic Forum Predicts Global Cyber Catastrophe.

“The most striking finding that we’ve found,” WEF managing director Jeremy Jurgens said during a presentation highlighting the WEF Global Security Outlook Report 2023, “is that 93 percent of cyber leaders, and 86 percent of cyber business leaders, believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years. This far exceeds anything that we’ve see in previous surveys.

“This is a global threat,” Jürgen Stock, Secretary-General of Interpol, said during the presentation. “It calls for a global response and enhanced and coordinated action.” He said the increased profits that the multiple bad “actors” reap from cybercrime should encourage world leaders to work together to make it a priority as they face “new sophisticated tools.”…

Welcome to the Premiere Issue of Instant Future!

BUT…”Some very sad, terrible news to share.

Today I’m writing to share some really unfortunate news: You can’t resist opening an article like this. Consuming news of the awful is addicting…There is an evolutionary argument here that we are all basically hardwired to prioritize negative information, because the potential costs of ignoring that information far outweigh the potential benefits of seeking positive information.

So says the Tangle Newsletter.

But! Instant Future is not unbalanced–at least not so much we’ll be institutionalized–and in this column we sort out the optimistic in the pessimism, the pessimist in the optimistic–and how the two blend.…