John Shirley

A Moon Ocean!

Scientists learn that Saturn’s moon Enceladus has the only ocean beyond Earth known to contain all six elements needed for life.“We now really have found that Enceladus’s subsurface ocean is the most habitable place in the solar system, at least as far as we know,” said lead author Frank Postberg, a professor at the Free University of Berlin.

The discovery of dissolved sodium phosphate, announced in a report published Wednesday in the journal Nature, makes Enceladus all the more intriguing.

Probably carried out with remote robotics, the marvelous opportunity for exploration of the ocean on the moon Enceladus may bring the real possibility of discovering new forms of life and studying a primeval ocean–but it may also be a boon to humanity, in the next century, in other ways.…


Brock Hinzmann

Horizon scanning is a method futures researchers use to expand their personal awareness of weak signals of change that are emerging around them every day, of which they were not previously aware. William Gibson is often quoted as saying “the future is already here, but it’s just not evenly distributed.” Less often quoted, he goes on to point out that it (the future) “is arriving constantly, in bits and pieces.” In other words, the future isn’t here full cloth, but the threads are here, from which the future will be woven. Other people have pointed out the human brain is a “prediction machine,” constantly turning out predictions, mostly subconsciously, scanning for threats, food, sex, money, power, and so forth.…

OPTIMISM/PESSIMISM: Optimism Optimized & Pessimism Prodded

An interview about THE FUTURE with Hugo Winning author CHARLES STROSS!

Fumblingly carried out by John Shirley

Charles Stross is masterfully eclectic. He writes science-fiction (he won Two Hugo Awards, a Prometheus Award and a Locus Award, was nominated for many others), alternate history novels (The Merchant Princes series), fantasy (he won a Locus fantasy award for his novel The Apocalypse Codex), and he combines many of these genres, along with social satire and horror and espionage, in his famous Laundry Files series, starting with The Atrocity Archives. My theory is that he actually has several brains in cold storage, which he switches out, somehow, depending on the project.…