Author: John Shirley

OPTIMISM/PESSIMISM: Optimism Optimized & Pessimism Prodded

An interview about THE FUTURE with Hugo Winning author CHARLES STROSS!

Fumblingly carried out by John Shirley

Charles Stross is masterfully eclectic. He writes science-fiction (he won Two Hugo Awards, a Prometheus Award and a Locus Award, was nominated for many others), alternate history novels (The Merchant Princes series), fantasy (he won a Locus fantasy award for his novel The Apocalypse Codex), and he combines many of these genres, along with social satire and horror and espionage, in his famous Laundry Files series, starting with The Atrocity Archives. My theory is that he actually has several brains in cold storage, which he switches out, somehow, depending on the project.…